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Harmony Home Organizing

Frustrated you can never find what you're looking for when you need it?

Harmony Home Organizers create visually pleasing and easy to maintain systems to bring order to your home giving you more time for what's most important. They want to return years of quality time by creating organization solutions that allow you to get the most out of each moment.


Kitchen Setup

We can unpack after move in to give you the optimal kitchen set up OR reorganize your "lived in" kitchen to make it work better for your needs.

Focus Areas: kitchen cabinets/drawers, small appliance storage.


Keep your pantry from becoming a graveyard of expired food you forgot you had. We can make your food storage accessible and functional.

Focus Areas: non-perishable food storage, fridge/freezer upon request.

Clothing Organization

Although you can hide it that doesn't mean the chaos goes away. Let us make your wardrobe work for you. Simplify getting ready. Take the pain out of putting away the laundry. 

Focus Areas: clothing closets, dressers, wardrobes/armoire, under bed storage, trunks/chests.

Other Closets

Have a bathroom closet jammed with who knows what? Wish you had a closet dedicated to your cleaning products so you can get what you need when you need it? We can fix that, too.

Focus Area: closets (small enclosed area intended for storage of specific items).

Laundry Room

Does your laundry room double as a mud room? Or is it a small closet? Maybe its in a dark corner of your basement? What ever the case, we can create a customized solution to help you maximize the efficiency of this space.

Focus Area: space containing washer and dryer, area utilized for laundry

Play Area/Hobby Room

Kids' play areas can get chaotic quick. Believe it or not, they can clean up quick too. If you provide a system for your child(ren) to use, when play time is over, it can all get put away in just a few minutes. Let us help you contain their things.

Focus Area: kid's room, devoted play space, man cave, craft room, or hobby area.


The land of forgotten items. It can be daunting to sort though all the treasures in an attic. We'll categorize and contain all your items by subject so you can easily peruse your belongings at your leisure.

Focus Area: crawl space or attic


Has your basement become the dumping ground for everything you're not regularly using? Let us reclaim your space and make it serviceable again.

Focus Area: basement or long term storage area


Tired of sorting through piles every time you need to mow the lawn or get out the camping gear? We'll set up your garage to serve all of the areas you need, with easy access.

Focus Area: garage or shed


Whether you need all your books alphabetized, categorized, and/or indexed or you just need your shelves staged to beautifully display your prized items, we can help.

Focus Area: shelves intended for display


If you have stacks of paper all over, it may be time for an office makeover. We can categorize and file your papers, contain your office supplies, and restore your work area to efficient machine it should be.

Focus Area: Single room utilized for office or study space


When the holiday is over, cleaning up can be a bummer. Instead of dumping it all in a box, let us carefully store and label your items to make them ready to display next year.

Focus Area: theme decoration storage


If you are moving or just hoping to sort out the items you no longer need, we can help sort your items for review, haul away and donate unneeded items, and help pack or store the items you still want. Its a huge task and now you don't need to do it alone.

Estate Preparation

One of the most important things on your mind as you reflect on your life is who will enjoy each of your treasured items after you pass. Let us help you sort your valued item from those you are ready to toss, donate, or give to a loved one. Then, we'll help you catalog or earmark what remains for individual disbursement in the future. 
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