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Creative Mantras, custom greeting cards, custom stationary

Centering Minds and Guiding Thoughts

Creative Mantras brings communities creative content that helps people develop opportunities in order to build their knowledge about tomorrow. Their stationary is unique and beautiful and the messages written are genuine and sincere. Save yourself time by using distribution services offered by Creative Mantras to send messages to friends, family and colleagues for all of life’s ups and downs.

The Collections

Learn the meaning behind each mantra...


Want a strong connection to nature? Do you or those around you thrive with the energy of the sun, wind or waves? This collection is perfect for you! They encompass our very basic need of the natural world to guide us in our next decisions. Whether those decisions seem minor or are very philosophical and life altering. These collections help bring us back to what truly matters: our relationship with the universe, her creations and how we can protect those creations and each other.

The “I AM” Series is here to protect ourselves and those around us.
For yourself or someone you have been thinking about lately, these collections are here to inspire, enlighten and to remind us how powerful we truly are.
Simple key phrases, powerful mantras to get the mind through the toughest of times.
The “I AM” Series is for anyone in need of a personal pick me up.
When Motivation is hard to find.
Look to these collections to guide you to your goals.
Whether the goal is to simply get out of bed, pay off your debt, get that job offer, or if it is the biggest goal that you have ever made for yourself.
The Motivation collections are here to remind us why we have those goals, why we are strong enough to get there, and allows us to envision ourselves achieving those goals.
These collections are extremely important to those with a small support system, low self accountability, or for those who let their self doubt shadow their ambitions.
We all know that the earth’s seasons hit us all a little differently: personally, physically, mentally, you name it.
Of course, the seasons come with different ailments as well as calmness that blossoms within us. Winter may be a blossoming time for one, and an alienating time for another.
With the changing of seasons, good or perhaps not so good memories will arise in all of us that will in turn affect our mental state.
The Seasons collection makes it possible for all of us to connect with each other and be there for our community when they need us the most. 
Although we cannot help that winter can be an alienating time for one, that’s when these collections can be used to remind us of the possibilities of tomorrow. These collections remind us how far we have come and what we have to look forward to. 
Appreciation, affection, compliments, well wishes.
These are all reasons why you would need this collection. The gratitude collection covers a wide source of emotions. Whether you want to remind yourself how incredible you are, give your coworker a boost of confidence or thank that client, these are all necessary emotions that must be shared with yourself and your community. These collections make your gratitude and compliments stick around awhile longer than when simply speaking them. The gratitude collections have been known to give long-lasting feelings of confidence and appreciation, to name a few. 
What positive energy are you destined to spark today?


Creative Mantras, custom greeting cards, custom stationary
A body in motion tends to stay in motion. A creative mind tends to stay creative.

While providing mantras for communities, all are given the chance to discover the positive possibilities of tomorrow once again.

Creative Mantras believes that poetry is the greatest way to reach the deepest emotions within the entirety of humankind.  Consumers will be given the opportunity to develop mantras with additional knowledge in new ways. 

I absolutely love this business! Their cards are unique from any other I’ve seen. I sent a card to my friend and she has kept it out on her living room coffee table. She said, “It was just too beautiful not to display it; it is a piece of artwork!” The photographs that Creative Mantras captures for their greeting cards are gorgeous and the messages written are genuine and sincere. I will be using Creative Mantras to send messages to my friends and family for all of life’s ups and downs.
-Kelly H.

Creative Mantras, custom greeting cards, custom stationary

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