YourChoice Concierge

Tips for Effectively Working With YourChoice Concierge

It’s important to us that you see an improvement in your life when you begin working with YourChoice Concierge. We’ve laid out some tips and tools to ensure you get the most out of your partnership. Using this information will be critical for building a valuable relationship that will allow you to leverage your time in a more positive & productive way. Are you ready to find your productivity rhythm? Prioritizing and delegating can be a challenge. When everything feels important it can be hard to decide what tasks you should hand off and how to even begin doing that. We’re here to help you get outside of your comfort zone and learn how to dominate delegating

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Work Smart, Not Hard.

Set achievable goals and explain clear processes whenever possible. It’s important to communicate your objectives, expectations and preferences with your Concierge when assigning each new task. At the start of your partnership tell them your current top priorities, their first tasks, due dates, and long term goals. Although most YourChoice Concierges aren’t afraid to jump into  an unclear assignment and somehow make it work, you’ll get more value if your task is laid out with instruction and necessary steps. This will eliminate the need for micromanaging and allow you to both be as productive as possible. Over time your Concierge will become more autonomous, be able to make good decisions on your behalf, and have the ability to handle more ambiguous situations & tasks.

Achievable goals doesn’t necessarily mean small goals. YourChoice Concierges reach their highest potential when learning, adapting, & finding new approaches to improve not only their lives, but yours as well. They are adaptable & look at life as a long learning opportunity, so don’t be afraid to discuss new &  more challenging assignments. New tasks give the Concierges an opportunity to expand their expertise while providing more value to you in return. 

Feedback, positive & negative, should be looked as an opportunity for growth. Remember that when giving feedback it’s important to lead with something positive, then be clear and constructive in your criticism. Always have solid details to back-up your criticisms and think of a reasonable solution before addressing the problem. This gives your YourChoice Concierge the opportunity to make improvements, take problem solving action,  and provide a superior outcome next time. There’s no doubt that being constructive with your feedback will provide faster and better results going forward.  It’s just as important that your Concierges provides you with feedback. Encourage them to give you honest feedback about your partnership and task assignments. They may offer valuable insights from an alternate point of view or even have suggestions for making your partnership even more effective.

There’s nothing wrong with praise and showing gratitude for a job well done. In fact, it’s worth calling out whenever your Concierge demonstrates the abilities you want to see more of! When individuals are shown consistent and sincere appreciation they strive to provide great results, completing the work with meaning. Be specific when you’re pleased with their work and it will go a long way toward setting up time-management habits that benefit you both.

Reoccurring check-ins can be critical to an effective & proactive partnership. They don’t have to be long; a 30-minute weekly meeting can help keep you and your Concierge on the same page and allow you to communicate any new priorities week by week. It’s a great chance to talk through delegated tasks, explain new projects, and make sure your Concierge has the right information to move forward. Taking a few minutes to get some clarity on each week’s tasks will save hours of time over the course of a work week. Once you schedule a time to meet do your best to keep your word and keep that appointment. Most YourChoice Concierges have multiple clients as well as personal responsibilities of their own. Rescheduling can become time consuming for everyone. Difficulties and delays are nearly impossible to foresee ahead of time so your Concierge will understand if the situation arises. We just ask that you be mindful of your Concierge’s time as well.

Your YourChoice Concierge is not a miracle worker or a machine. The first few weeks working together will involve some trial and error. To find your cadence, you’ll need to become a team and decide what will make the most proficient partnership. Just because you can hand off certain tasks, doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Remain approachable and be open to trying new techniques. Each YourChoice Concierge is a creative problem solver and they may suggest more strategic processes & innovative ways of handling certain tasks. After the first month or so, try to determine which tasks are really helping to leverage your time and creating a rhythm of success.

By following these simple tips for effectively using your YourChoice Concierge you will be creating an indispensable and valuable partnership. Starting efficiently will help ensure you take full advantage of your dedicated resource and provide stepping stones to greater success. Maximize your life with YourChoice Concierge; your productivity boosters & stress reducers!

Dominate Delegating

Helpful first steps:

  • Write down your daily to-do list (i.e. exercise, open & sort mail, respond to emails)
  • Write down you weekly to-do list (i.e. Quick Books entries, take out the garbage, social media posts, child’s sports or activities)
  • Write down you monthly to-do list (i.e. bill pay, dusting, client check-ins)
  • Write down you quarterly to-do list (i.e. oil change, tax payments, networking event)
  • Write down you yearly to-do list (i.e. car registration, holiday cards, organize the garage)
  • Write down your active or one-time projects (i.e. office setup, cleaning the gutters)


  • Feel free to break this down even further (i.e. professional to-dos & personal to-dos).

It's easy to become overwhelmed by the vast quantity of tasks that we must do from day to day. Having a list of all your tasks will allow you to sit down and make a plan.

  • Then, start highlighting things on your list that only you can handle & cannot be performed by anyone else (i.e. watching your daughter at her dance class).
  • Next, begin developing a priority system for tasks. Since you only have a certain number of hours to delegate – rank each task  based on the amount of effort/time/skill required to complete each task. 1 - easiest/quickest & 5 – longest/most challenging. (Only spend time ranking the tasks you’ve already identified, as something someone can handle on your behalf) This should help you decide what to delegate and when.

At first sight, delegation can feel like more hassle than it's worth, however by delegating effectively, you can hugely expand the amount of work that you can deliver!!

Other tips:

  • Don’t delegate a task that you can’t clearly describe: The time you save by not working on the task is more than offset by the time you spend answering questions and continually redirecting the person to whom you’ve assigned the unclear task. If in doubt – ASK THEM – have them reveal doubts, questions, or suggestions before beginning tasks.
  • Delegate the authority required to successfully complete each task. This can include such things as a budget (and the ability to spend it) and permission to make decisions.
  • Focus on results. Concern yourself with what is accomplished, rather than detailing how the work should be done. If you allow the Concierge to control their own methods and processes it will facilitate success and trust.
  • When you first start to delegate, you may notice it takes your Concierge longer than you to complete tasks. This is because you are an expert at what you do and the Concierge is still learning. Be Patient: if we have chosen the right YourChoice Concierge, and you are delegating correctly, you will find that they quickly become competent & reliable.