YourChoice Concierge


We know not everyone can afford (or needs) full-time assistance.


 Our services are month to month – no long-term commitments! We offer a wide range of flexible support so that we can cater to just about anything you might need help with. Whether you want to make your personal life more fulfilling, or you want to skyrocket your professional life.


 Assistance by the hour, available as your life demands. When you need to take some of the load off, let us handle the busy tasks so you can focus on what's important. Become more productive and get on the fast track to achieving your goals.


Our talent pool stays stocked with qualified and accomplished individuals so we can provide quality last minute or temporary supportAt the end of each month you have the choice to renew your monthly hours, increase/decrease your monthly hours or pause your services.

Not One Day Is Exactly Like Another...

Do you often find yourself wishing there was more time in a day? You always try your best, but the to do list is never finished? Some days the personal side of life demands more of you and other days your professional responsibilities command your attention. 

From business owners to busy moms, the to-do lists are often times too long and we’re stretching ourselves too thin. YourChoice Concierge is here to help. Our team is able to cover a wide scope; including personal assistance, administrative expertise, process improvement, business development and so much more.

We don't succeed unless you do! Our goal is to prove our value and make your life easier within the first 30 days of working with us!

What would you do if you had hours added back to your day? 
Personal & Professional Support Services

Hiring & Recruitment Assistance

Errand & Courier Services

Online Research

Lead Sourcing & Engagement

Data Entry

Answering Services

Logistics & Scheduling

Property Management

Document Drafts & Edits

Scheduling and Logistics

  • Make and return phone calls
  • Travel
  • Calendar and inbox management
  • Event coordination
  • Courier services

Written Correspondence

  • Thank you cards
  • Invitations
  • Holiday Cards

Recruitment and Hiring Assistance

  • Creating and posting job descriptions
  • Review applicants
  • Check references
  • Conduct phone screenings
  • Schedule interviews
  • New hire and on-boarding paperwork

Copy-write and content creation

  • Document drafting and editing
  • Blog drafting and editing
  • Social media management

Back Office Support

  • Order and maintain office supplies
  • Data entry and database management
  • Online research
  • Client billing and invoicing
  • Organize, track and submit expenses
  • Password management
  • Document organization, scanning, and shredding

Property Management Assistance

  • Staging and design
  • Create and promote property listings
  • Property review/prep
  • Tenant engagement

Home Management

  • Order and maintain home supplies
  • Watering plants
  • Sorting mail

Scheduling and Logistics

  • Assist with outsourcing in home help (i.e. car maintenance, lawn care, carpet cleaning)
  • Balance calendars: kids, work, spouse, philanthropy and others
  • Coordinate child and pet care
  • Manage home remodel projects
  • Travel

  • Planning and logistics
  • Errands and other event prep
  • Event setup
  • On-site event management
  • Event tear down



Get the assistance you need, when you need it. Stop paying someone to sit around if you suddenly hit a lull in business or during slow seasons. There are several other benefits to working with YourChoice Concierge vs. hiring.  


Each of our team members is interviewed several times, references & backgrounds checked & completes our YCC skills assessment.


No need for payroll software or employee benefits.


Use us when you need us! We will work hard to prove our value and make sure you want to continue to work with us next month.


Although you have one dedicated team member, that team member has access to all of our concierges if additional support is needed or a task is out of their skill set. This also ensures that in the case of an illness, emergency etc. & your Concierge is unable to work, your tasks/assignments would still be covered.


We don't succeed unless you do, so if we think your hours can be used more productively or efficiently, we let you know! We make process improvement suggestions & leave you with valuable tools that you can use well into the future.

Give The Gift Of Time

Why We Do It

We created YourChoice Concierge out of a love for seeing people succeed. We know that it is easy to feel off-center when dealing with the commotion of everyday life while trying to be successful. Our services can allow you to focus on the things that are most important or need the most attention. Available as your life demands, within your budget and aligned with your objectives. From balancing your checkbook to balancing work and home lives, everyone could use some help sometimes. We work with you to form an effective partnership by anticipating your needs and becoming an essential part of your life.

We want to see both clients and our concierges benefit from our arrangements. Our concierge team members design their own schedules in such a way that they can have their own quality time while helping you improve yours!

Check out our services and see which could boost your happiness and productivity! If a life without busy work sounds appealing, contact us today and we can get started.

Self Assessment

Do you often find yourself wishing there was more time in a day?

You always try your best, but the to do list is never finished? Even small tasks can add up to be a lot of time and it’s easy to get bogged down with our day-to-day. Don’t miss out on the bigger picture.

Working too many hours can hurt productivity, relationships, health & overall happiness. Some people might see a personal assistant as an added cost, but wise ones see them as an investment. 

Delegating certain tasks can actually be a savings tool rather than an expense. When you're a business owner, it's tempting to try to do it all on your own. One of the hardest challenges an entrepreneur faces is learning to put their trust in others so their business can move to the next stage.

What would you do if you had hours added back to your day? Someone to help keep you sane and happy? YourChoice Concierge can help put your worries to rest & become your productivity booster & stress reducer.