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What Our Clients Have To Say

Jenna Ahern, Guardian Owl Digital Marketing, Louisville KY
Jenna Ahern, Founder
Guardian Owl Digital Boutique

"Prior to being introduced to Stephanie, I didn’t know who to hire next in our business. Our quickly growing Startup needed an ever growing list of skill sets in ONE person and I couldn’t find a creative solution. I watched and learned from leaders taking the leap in outsourcing, utilizing virtual assistants, and investing countless hours training their team. I was in the middle of testing two of the three above methods in my own business when I was introduced to Stephanie Heeb with YourChoice Concierge by a trusted client. Creating balance in my startup let alone life seemed too good to be true. I had the usual fears that show up when making investments and trusting partners with business insight and sensitive information. Trusting YourChoice Concierge was the best decision I made in my business in 2018. It immediately created clarity in employee time management, balance managing my email and personal life, creating more time and more business opportunities within 30 days. YourChoice is truly my secret sauce to being productive, happy, and meeting our business goals. Stephanie’s expertise, work ethic and integrity inspire me to be better everyday. Make the choice in your business this year, YourChoice."

Greg Cook, CARE Professional Liability Association, Louisville KY

Greg Cook, President & CEO

CARE Professional Liability Association

"Working with YourChoice Concierge gives us the flexibility to use services on an as-needed basis with no long term contracts. They always provide quality services with an excellent response time. They've definitely helped us meet our goals and I would recommend them to anyone looking for flexible support options."

Demetrius Grey, ClaimCredit

Demetrius Gray, Co-Founder & CEO


"I've worked with the YourChoice Team. They're super capable and offer a much needed extra hand. I highly recommend their services."

Barbara Peyton, Drugs Don't Work

Barbara Peyton, Owner

Drugs Don't Work of Louisville

"YourChoice Concierge is working with us and give us top quality people. Always wanting to go the extra mile."

Linda Ruffenach, Louisville KY, Execuity, Whiskey Chicks

Linda Ruffenach, Founder

ExecuityWhiskey Chicks

"Always there to respond to my needs. Stephanie helps find the right talent for your specific needs."

Kat Baker, Louisville KY, Louisville, Pinot's Palette, Credit Checkup

"Stephanie and her YourChoice Concierge team are great to work with and have helped my small business grow through the pandemic. Marketing and advertising are not my strong suit and where I needed help the most to focus on other aspects of my business. She has a team member for every job out there and was the perfect fit when I wanted help with strictly social media marketing and a better online presence. Very affordable and customized to fit all needs. So happy YourChoice Concierge was referred to me by another YCC client!"

Lindsey Curry, Louisville KY, Louisville, Orca Life

Lindsey Curry, Regional Manager

Orca Life

"We have been extremely happy and satisfied with YourChoice Concierge. Stephanie has a fantastic business model that truly helps small businesses. One of her team members Jackie has been such a blessing for our business. She has helped us recruit qualified candidates and continues to help us scale our business. So thankful we took the leap with YourChoice Concierge. Truly life changing!! 10/10 recommend."

Neily Horan, Louisville KY, Louisville, Horan Hiring Solutions

Neily Horan, President

Horan Hiring Solutions

"If you are in the need of admin support there isn't any better! We had a great experience and were impressed with the professionalism."

Brian Hall, Louisville Dog Walkers, Louisville KY
Brian Hall, Founder
Louisville Dog Walkers

I highly, highly, highly recommend YourChoice Concierge! As a small business owner of a rapidly growing company times can get a little hectic. I found myself in that state of getting overwhelmed as the tasks began to pile up. Stephanie and her team were right there and ready to help out when we needed it most. I had never seen a company quite like Stephanie’s that helps small businesses manage their tasks like they do. Stephanie and her team have people who specialize in anything you could possibly need help with. YourChoice Concierge was exactly what I needed to help delegate my tasks so I could focus on growing my business. Another great thing about YourChoice Concierge is that you can hire them on a permanent basis or just on an as needed basis for specific projects. We hired them to help us find quality new employees for our growing business. I had no idea what to expect before talking to Stephanie, but as soon as I talked to her she had a whole plan laid out for us. It was almost instantly. You could tell this was not her first rodeo and she knew what she was doing. We had a short conversation about what we were looking for in our next employee and she started into our plan the very next day. She did all the leg work of putting our job post together, posting it on all of the hiring outlets and then sorting through the applications as they came in. She even put together a pre-screening questionnaire that allowed us to ask our applicants specific questions that were important to us. Once she had the questionnaire and the job post made, she let me look at it and asked if I wanted anything added, deleted or changed. All I had to do was tell her the changes and boom she changed them right away. When the applications starting coming in, she read through the resumes throughly. She put together a list of highlights about each applicant, things that she liked or didn’t like about each of them and had an explanation as to why. She was very good at finding red flags and positives that stood out. Once we pinpointed the applicants we wanted to interview, she reached out to them with any follow up questions we had and then set up the interviews. She also reached out to all of our finalists references to get their feed back on the candidates, she had a back ground check performed on them as well and she did a social media scan. The process could not have gone any smoother. She was sending constant and thorough updates through email so I always knew where we were in the process and what the next steps were. The whole process only took about 3.5 hours of actually work on her end and we had someone hired in less than a week. We were very happy with our hire and we could not believe we still had hours left over for YourChoice Concierge to help us on other projects. It was super efficient. We were looking to create a pipeline to good hires and I can confidently say we have found it with the help of YourChoice Concierge. We will be going to them again for our next hire and I am currently looking for more tasks I can delegate to this great company because I know they will get done properly and efficiently. I can not say enough about Stephanie and YourChoice Concierge, 5 stars all around! If your a small business owner stressing out over all the daily tasks you have to perform, I highly recommend you give Stephanie a call and let her and her team take some of those tasks off your plate. Get your life and free time back. You didn’t become a business owner to work your life away. Start delegating some of your work to YourChoice Concierge! You won’t regret it!

Jimmy Smith, Jennifer Smith, Louisville KY realtors

"I highly recommend working with YourChoice Concierge. They take on a wide variety of tasks & assignments, saving us time and making our lives easier! Now we can focus on growing our business, reach our goals faster and spend more quality time with our family and friends. Do yourself a favor and let them help you!"

Sarah Prorok, Louisville KY, Louisville, HOTWORX yoga, HOTWORX Louisville

Sarah Prorok, Owner

"As a busy professional, Stephanie and her team provided some much needed relief in a time of stress. I worked with Andi for end of year organizing and marketing assistance. She was quick to get up to speed and delivered everything as agreed and on time. I highly recommend taking some things off your plate and giving Stephanie a call! She has options for every need."

Donna Bailey, Purchasing Connections

Donna Bailey, Founder & CEO
Purchasing Connections

"Stephanie at YourChoice Concierge provides excellent workers. They are professional and experienced. The Virtual Assistant that I work with has been just what my small business needed. She helps with day-to-day tasks along with special projects.  I could not be happier!"

Donna Bailey, Purchasing Connections

Shawn Arny, Owner
Arny's Barbershop

"I can’t say enough amazing things about Stephanie and her team at YCC! She helped me get my accounting and bookkeeping more organized and streamlined, which has saved me time and headaches. She also helped create marketing materials and an email campaign so that I can better communicate with current clients and also reach out to new clients as well. I strongly recommend Stephanie and Your Choice Concierge for all your business needs!!"

DJ Carroll, Carroll Media, Louisville KY

DJ Carroll, Entrepreneur

EasyProCarroll Media & Coach Carroll

"I would highly recommend working with Stephanie & YourChoice Concierge. By far the best rock star I have ever worked with! Stephanie and her team at YourChoice have not only assisted me with, but also educated me on project management and other preparation tools allowing me to be more proactive instead of reactive in my business. My team & I were also introduced to several time saving tools & resources that increased our productivity and efficiency. I plan on working with Stephanie & YourChoice well into the future."

Jill Lowry, Schooley Mitchell, Louisville KY

Jill Lowry, Cost Reduction Expert

Schooley Mitchell

"Stephanie and the team are always responsive, and I appreciate the ability to connect with a multitude of skill sets through one, easy-to-use, easy-to-afford service. Chris, the Zoho developer, is also a gem!"

Arnie Beringer, CEECO Equipment, Cincinnati OH

Arnie Beringer

CEECO Equipment

"I highly recommend Stephanie and YourChoice Concierge! I run a small sales rep business and Stephanie not only takes care of the many and varied tasks I give her very efficiently, she also makes great suggestions that saves me time and allows me to focus on selling!  Do yourself a big favor and allow Stephanie to help you out!"

Alycia Dukes, LegalShield

Alycia Dukes, Founder
Managers with a Mission

"As a business owner one naturally feels overwhelmed! It’s one thing to need help facilitating it all, which is exactly what YourChoice Concierge team does, but what separates them from the rest is their honest approach and investment to helping your vision come to life. Your support team shouldn’t just agree with your decisions they should make recommendations to ensure your message is clear. If you don’t want things to constantly be a blur connect with YourChoice today. You won’t be disappointed!!!"

Robert Holmes III, RDH Limo and Charter, Louisville KY

Robert Holmes III, Owner
RDH Limo & Charter

"I used YourChoice Concierge for a major project with my company. They were professional and attentive with attention to details. They made my life easier and less stressful. I won’t hesitate to use them in the future!"

Allie Hembree Martin, Fame and Fortune, Marketing services Louisville KY

Allie Hembree Martin, Founder
Fame and Fortune

"I highly recommend YourChoice Concierge when looking for staff support. Stephanie develops well-trained and thoughtful team members to assist your company where needed. They provide a 1-on-1 experience and superior customer service. 10/10!"

Vince Beringer, CEECO Equipment

Vince Beringer

CEECO Equipment

"What a wonderful business joy to have YourChoice Concierge and Stephanie working for us. Stephanie and her team take the pressure of handling tasks seamlessly for me. Their effectiveness translates into efficiencies I otherwise would find hard to achieve and accomplish. Do yourself a favor; work with YourChoice Concierge and Stephanie."

Vince Beringer, CEECO Equipment

Kerri Richardson, President

C2 Strategic Communications

"Stephanie and YourChoice Concierge was a pleasure to work with.  She provided us with quality support for our rapidly growing business when we needed it the most.  Stephanie and her team were most responsive, and the ability to utilize services on an as-needed basis with no long-term commitment was a no brainer.  I highly recommend Stephanie and her team and won't hesitate to reach out to them again if we experience any interruptions or have larger projects that need extra hands!"