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GuestView Guide

We're proud to partner with GuestView Guide and be able to offer this amazing tool to our clients. GuestView Guide is the digital concierge for rental properties. Make a big impression on your guests...and your bottom line!  Earn more from every stay, reduce support calls and impress your guests.

Promote & Earn More

Upsell services like late checkout, mid-stay cleaning and more. Using our digital guidebook, any vacation rental management company or Airbnb management company can promote direct re-bookings and even advertise your other properties. And partner with local merchants to sell ad space, a win-win for you and them.

Automate & Save Time

Receive fewer phone calls with how-to instructions for appliances and amenities. Manage your property information remotely with our digital concierge system as well as integrate with your property management software system to pull in guest information. You can also schedule automatic messages to notify guests about things like trash day.

Customize & Delight Guests

When guests have a wonderful stay, they’ll leave higher ratings and re-book with you. Delight your guests by providing recommendations about local restaurants and activities that stay up to date with real time information through our digital guidebook. Display regional photos and art, providing your guests a stunning digital gallery.

See It In Action


A 15.6″W x 24″H x 1.7″D 21.5-inch LED touchscreen that looks good with any décor.

Easy to install–simply plug it in and hang it just like you would hang a framed picture.

Easy to manage–the guide is setup and managed from online aka anywhere, no need to be with the guide to setup or make changes.

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Wow your guests and get great ratings. Now more than ever, the ability to keep your guestbook and guidebook up to date is critical for your guests. With Guestview Guide’s Digital Guidebook, you can quickly and easily update what attractions and restaurants are open and what protocols each place follows so they can experience the best of your town.