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Your Haven + Your Grind = Your Success

The design of your work space matters. The right office blueprint will not only boost your energy and creativity but also makes a big impact on efficiency.

We Spend a lot of time where we work. For Once, IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU.

We spend a lot of our time where we work. It should be a place that energizes you when you walk through the door, not one that has you feeling ready to run the other way.

From the corporate office to the home office, our collections are meant to inspire your vision and put style & design at your fingertips. Our variety of selections makes it easy to put together an entirely new GrindHaven or make an update to your existing space.

Everyone is different so why should our office space look the same? Use our collections as a guide or piece together anything from our entire store to make your perfect GrindHaven.

Make it Yours.

In his PsychCentral article “Personalized Workspace Helps Attitude Adjustment,” Rick Nauert, Ph.D. refers to a U.K. study that shows people who are comfortable in their work spaces are more engaged and those who were allowed to design and personalize their own work space were 32 percent more productive than those who weren’t.

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ha·ven /ˈhāvən/


a place of safety or refuge.

"a haven for wildlife"

synonyms: refuge, retreat, shelter, sanctuary, asylum; port in a storm, oasis, sanctum

"a safe haven"

Why we do it.

GrindHaven by YourChoice Concierge was formed to inspire creativity while also boosting productivity. Our affordable design options makes it easy to construct a unique Haven on a unique budget.

It's common practice to enhance our homes with decor and furnishings that make us feel comfortable and make others feel welcome. Why should where you Grind make you feel any less at ease?